Eternal Downfall

by Atrament

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Michael Pementel
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Michael Pementel Next to music that is instrumental and dream like, my other favorite kind of music is heavy and relentless. Atrament does not let up once from beginning to end, maybe with twenty seconds worth of pauses throughout the entire album. Super guttural vocals, and speed heavy chugging and thrashing. Great crust punk meets black metal mix right here! Favorite track: Circle of Wolves.
Earthwvrm thumbnail
Earthwvrm The perfect soundtrack for the mosh pit at the end of time Favorite track: Hericide.
capitanostupido thumbnail
capitanostupido "eternal downfall" is a fucking masterpiece!pitch black crust and d-beat!this is the soundtrack for armageddon!
Camryn Marquez
Camryn Marquez thumbnail
Camryn Marquez Given the nature of this kind of music, this release should be one-dimensional and repetitively boring, but, like all great artists, Atrament avoid that problem and make something that is addictive and fun to listen to. Favorite track: Wretched Apparition.
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released March 4, 2016

Recorded and mixed by Greg Wilkinson at Earhammer Studios, Oakland CA
Mastered by Brad Boatright at Audiosiege in Portland OR
Artwork and layout by Stephen Wilson:
All music by Atrament



all rights reserved


Atrament Oakland, California

D-Beat in Hell.

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Track Name: No Beyond
Drill with your morals into mine skull
Empty my mind drain me of my soul
Chain me at the fucking bottom, of a pit of delusions
Enslave all the enslavable, bastard.
World of shit. Wretched future foreseen
Seeds of decimation, spasms of extinction
Morals prolonging the agony
Of a crumbling world far beyond doomed
Black winds swollen with death
There is no beyond
Track Name: Sunken Reign
World of scars sunken in oblivion
Gone, swallowed by the earth
I see the shape of extinction
Crowned with the arrogance of man
Sunken, dragged down, swallowed by the earth
Every soul forgotten
Lost and drowned deep within
Dragged into oblivion
Destroyed with the memory of man
And never coming back
Strangled empire, dead
Wretched kingdom, heir dead in womb
Negated, legacy destroyed
Strangled future, cease to exist
Dead empire, sunken reign
Track Name: Aberration
Drink from a river of shit
Feed on a mountain of waste
Born dead
Then generate, proliferate, exterminate
Create to destroy
Existence in disease
Reality’s a tumor
Our misery stares back at you
Our wounds live into you
Fascist piece of shit
Priest fucking scum
Politician lying shit
Send your servant cops
In your fucking slums
Look at your slums
Your slums stare back at you
Your slums look straight into you
Track Name: Consumed
In complete disbelief I tremble
As I peel back my own skin
I stare at the gaping wound
As I dig deep within
Crippling fear, paranoia, more pills
Eclipsing sun, shadows cast on a crumbling earth
Limbs chewed off to escape the shackle
Mutilation machine in full motion
Four walled world
Feeding tube in place
Existence is a cage
Force feed, bloat, kill, process
Consume, again and again
Endless mass slaughter
Leading to excess calories
Fatten up, surgically remove
Repeat, endlessly
Consume, consume and be consumed alive
Track Name: Hericide
Cut, and carve his name into your palms
Then hide your face into your hands
Smothered in blood, suicidal, and delirious
Chain of command exploding from within
Strip the veins from the arms of hierarchy
You bastard. Master? Leader? Empty fucking words
May our madness be their torment
And their control be their grave
Downfall, through power
Track Name: Wretched Apparition
Cities in ruin, their palaces in flames
I’m hallucinating
Visions of their demise burned in my mind
Make them pray, make death have its say
Prayers unanswered still echo out in the dust
Prayers Unanswered
As ruin and disease keep being fed on us
Take them away, let disease have its say
Plagues, take them away, let extinction have its say
A festering mass grave arises from the depths of my mind
Starving grave spawn in my mind
And feed on mankind
Track Name: Rotting Twilight
Rancid rays shine through dead branches
Sickening glare from a funeral sun
Rotting twilight of an endless night
Crumbling cities, rising seas
Necropolis rising, tombs erupting, ash in endless fall
Cursed to see the future, species rejected
Crawl back in, live in a hole
I’m vermin, I’m lawless
Black veins bloated with revenge
Parasite the world of men
Black veins carrying death
Crawl back in, live in a hole
Rabid fucking darkness
Rotting sun dying away
Eternal twilight
Crumbling cities, rising seas
Track Name: Aeon of Suffering
Humanity is a void
A hole that drags me in
Apocalypse take me away
Take them away, free me
From the disease of my kin
From the pain and ruin I must bare on my skin
From the wounds my coward species has caused me deep within
For I can no longer witness the wrong
This vermin species has fed upon
For an aeon of suffering as slaves
Without eyes, dead, again and again
Track Name: World of Ash
Eternal black storm, rain like motor oil
Winds of dust sandblasting skin
Nothing survives in the wake of mankind
Nothing can grow where we set foot
Yet we try to build, cities built on ruins
Destined to be ruins once again
Nothing can survive in the wake of mankind, nothing.
Lifeless skies, no heaven above
Only hell below. Only torment
Lifeless skies, reflection of mankind
Eternal black storm, rain like motor oil
Winds of dust sandblasting skin
No fucking shelter from this plague
No shelter from ourselves
Track Name: Circle of Wolves
That day will come
When they will fucking learn
Life, life is shit
That day will come
When they will fucking burn
That day will come
When they become the prey
Now they are the pig, strung up, and stomach slit
Innards pouring out
In a circle of wolves
They are not feasting
They are the feast
The wind has fucking changed
In a circle of wolves
In a world of fangs
Sphere of fucking carnage
Track Name: Dusk Abuse
Trapped like a rat
Trapped in an endless twilight
Breathing the smoke of our despair
Shadows that move, feeding on our pain
Crippled in loss, mauled by darkness
On your knees in ash
Shadows that move taunt and torment
Screams dissolve in the dusk
No one is listening, no one fucking cares
Throats ripped by screams
But no one listens, no one cares
A world of screams, gone deaf